Hear what Roosevelt Island is saying...


"My son's vocabulary grew because of the class, together with his rhythm and coordination of movement. He was 19 months old when he started and  he is now 27 months old.  As he began to verbalize words more, he pointed out snails and cats outside and in a book with songs he listened from the music class.  He loved the music class with his teacher and friends."

Mitchi W.

"My daughter really enjoyed the drum session in winter 2013 and I see a lot of improvement in her when it comes to making music and sounds as she plays."

Ming T.

"Mia is 21 months old and always loved singing and dancing, but now she actually sings and dances according to the beat! After a couple of classes with Owen, Mia listens carefully to a song and when we play it again she tries to make the same sounds with great focus! She uses everything in the house as an instrument, and sings songs from her music class already!"

Keren M.

"After going to Roosevelt Island Music Together classes, my 17 months old boy started dancing and singing everywhere we go. His communication skills musically and in general as well as gross and fine motor skills have noticeabley improved since we started these classes in December. Not to mention that he's having such a great time every class!"

Diana D.